Flora “花开富贵” For love, relationships, good vibes, health, self growth, femininity and good luck! Flower agate emits warmness and gentleness that is comforting and easy to wear! It’s nude color goes well with many other crystals and retains its classy style at the same time! Add more luck when paired with a four-leave clover charm! $80 - 1 charm $88 - 2 charms STATUS: PRE-ORDER (In-Stock: To Ship in 48 hours) (Pre-Order: To Ship in 5-7 business days)

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  • Return Policy: All crystals may contain a bit of inclusion which are natural. No exchange or refund is allowed.

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✨Bracelet properties✨

•Flower Agate-enhances concentration, ignites passion, motivation and improves relationships

•Amethyst- natural tranquilizer, improves health and reduces stress and anxiety

•Ombré chalcedony- absorbs negative energy, harmonizes mind and body

•Kunzite- improves heart and blood circulation, reduces addiction, promotes love and kindness

Hardware: 24k rose gold plated material  Please note: All crystals and stones may or may not contain little traces of inclusions. This is a natural occurrence and not a defect.   Sizes: From 14cm to 18cm. Certain designs above 17cm may look slightly different due to additional beads required. We will contact you to discuss if necessary. In the event of no response, Nami Gems shall have the right to modify it as similar as possible to the original design. 

Process time: please allow 5-7 business days for our handcrafted bracelets.