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Crystal Beaded Rings 100% handmade with love. Unisex Rings - for him and her. Couple Rings. Suitable for casual weekend fashion. Made with 14K gold plated material. Available designs: 1) Mahjong tile HUAT 2) Mahjong tile Red Zhong! 3) Star 4) Clover 5) Bunny 6) Carrot Size of beads: 4mm Check out the main Ring page for more designs. STATUS: IN-STOCK (In-Stock: To Ship in 48 hours) (Pre-Order: To Ship in 5-7 business days)

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  • Return Policy: All crystals may contain a bit of inclusion which are natural. No exchange or refund is allowed.

Size in cm (circumference): *
  • 5.3cm-5.6cm
  • 5.7cm-6.1cm
  • 6.2cm-6.7cm (default)
  • 6.8cm-7.2cm
  • 7.3cm-7.8cm
  • 7.9cm-8.3cm
  • For smaller sizes, we recommend to get the other d
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Larimar benefits 

- improves communication and confidence (throat chakra) 

- improves relationships and mutual understanding 

- reduces anxiety, phobias or anger issues 

- balances the Yin & Yang (feminine and masculine energies)