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Crystal Beaded Rings 100% handmade with love. Very dainty and cute. Levels up your cuteness. Suitable for casual weekend fashion. Golden Bunnies are made with 14K gold plated material. Available in the following colors or stones 1) Rose Quartz 2) Rainbow Tourmaline 3) Black Tourmaline 4) Aquamarine 5) Moonstone 6) Garnet 7) Mixed stones (random mix of colors) Size of beads: 2mm Also available in other gold embellishments. Check out the main Ring page for more designs. STATUS: IN-STOCK (In-Stock: To Ship in 48 hours) (Pre-Order: To Ship in 5-7 business days)

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  • Return Policy: All crystals may contain a bit of inclusion which are natural. No exchange or refund is allowed.

Size in cm (circumference): *
  • 4.0cm-4.4cm
  • 4.5cm-5.0cm
  • 5.1cm-5.6cm (default)
  • 5.7cm-6.1cm
  • 6.2cm-6.7cm
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Larimar benefits 

- improves communication and confidence (throat chakra) 

- improves relationships and mutual understanding 

- reduces anxiety, phobias or anger issues 

- balances the Yin & Yang (feminine and masculine energies)