Aphrodite (The Goddess) Aphrodite was known to be the Greek Goddess of love and beauty. Feminine, powerful, strong, motivated and calm - they all translate into this beautiful creation. STATUS: IN-STOCK (In-Stock: To Ship in 48 hours) (Pre-Order: To Ship in 5-7 business days)

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Bracelet properties 

Himalayan Clear Quartz- master healer for all chakras, reduces stress and anxiety

Freshwater Pearl- soothing and calming, promotes faith, increases feminity and reduces allergy problems

White Moonstone (freeform)- promotes hope and new beginnings, attracts abundance and joy, enhances mind clarity and calmness 

Gold Rutile Quartz- increases willpower, motivation, luck and wealth, clears blockages and amplifies your intention 

Made with 14k light gold hardware.